Company: Puratos USA


Ingredient Snapshot: With over 75 percent of US consumers preferring glazed products versus unglazed, glazing is an easy way for bakers to create value with fresher, more premium looking products. “Using a traditional egg wash can be a headache in production, especially when it comes to food safety and pan cleaning,” says Chris Gizzi, senior application specialist at Puratos. 

Puratos’ latest innovation, Sunset Glaze Easy Plus, adds a premium golden shine to savory and sweet baked goods, without the need for eggs or dairy. But what makes this product really shine is the superior user experience.  

“Unlike other egg-wash alternatives, Sunset Glaze Easy Plus is completely water-based, significantly simplifying the pan-cleaning process,” Gizzi continues. Its unique Ultra High Temperature (UHT) production technology and aseptic packaging result in a product that can be stored at ambient temperature, allowing bakers to free up valuable space in their cooling chambers. 

Thanks to its formulation, Sunset Glaze Easy Plus meets even the strictest “no-no” list: it is free from preservatives, eggs, dairy, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), modified food starch, and maltodextrin. 

The benefits of this new glaze go beyond food safety, clean label, and a superior user experience. According to a study by Yukan, a company that specializes in analyzing the environmental performance of products, bakers can cut their CO2 emissions in half when replacing pasteurized eggs with Sunset Glaze Easy Plus.

Sunset Glaze Easy Plus can be applied before baking, is freeze/thaw stable, unflavored, and does not leave any sticky residue on your product. It’s the perfect way to make your buns, rolls, brioche, croissants, and pies look even more indulgent. 

To see Sunset Glaze Easy Plus in action, contact a Puratos USA sales representative today.