Company: Apex Motion Control


Equipment Snapshot: Do you have automation systems that require a consistent warm flowable product that needs to be drizzled or deposited, such as fudge icing or cinnamon bun icing and glaze?

Apex Motion Control, specialists in robotics and automation for the baking and food industry, has developed a heated pump that can be integrated into automation solutions such as its Deco-Bot, its all-in-one robotic decorating station. Apex’s heated pump utilizes a Waukesha lobe pump to output its product from the pump skid. It also has an inlet for product recirculation, which allows it to efficiently maintain product temperature while also minimizing surges and splashes.

Here are some other benefits and features of the heated pump:

  • Full washdown stainless steel design
  • 30 US gallon capacity
  • Photo eye product level sensor, to indicate when it needs to be refilled
  • Agitator to scrape side and conical surface, while also eliminating hot spots
  • Digital Heat Controller with easy-to-use interface for temperature adjustment
  • Outer skin jacket – insulation – middle skin – hot water jacket – inner jacket

Want to learn more about Apex’s heated pumps? Visit its website for more information.