Trey Winthrop, chief financial officer with a tenure of 16 years at Bob’s Red Mill, has been named incoming CEO following the retirement of Dennis Vaughn. Winthrop will assume the role in early 2022, once a replacement CFO is named. In the meantime, Robert Agnew, former senior vice president of sales, will serve as acting CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors. 

“We are so fortunate to have a terrific leadership team here at Bob’s Red Mill, and no one knows the business better than Trey,” said Bob’s Red Mill Founder and President, Bob Moore. “We’re grateful to Dennis for his years of service and dedication to the company. Appointing Trey to fill the CEO role has long been our strategy for succession. He’s the ideal person to advance our mission and lead us to continued success in the years to come.” 

A seasoned leader, Winthrop plays an instrumental role at the employee-owned company. During his tenure, he has helped expand the brand into new product categories, including snack and convenience, while maintaining leadership in whole grains, stone-ground flours, hot and cold cereals, and baking mixes. More recently, he’s championed the creation of new, forward-looking roles at the company, including director of innovation, sustainability manager, and a DEI specialist.

“It’s a true honor to be chosen to lead this company on behalf of my fellow employee owners,” said Winthrop. “There’s so much opportunity ahead. I’m focused on expanding our business and supporting our employees so we can all continue to prosper together.”