Company: Reading Bakery Systems


Equipment Snapshot: Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a global manufacturer of snack production systems, has introduced a new multi-pass environmentally controlled proofer that accelerates dough development time in a reduced production footprint.

An environmentally controlled proofer is instrumental in creating many snack foods, as the yeasts and cultures inside the dough require time to develop. Flavor, color, and texture of the final product are all affected by this proofing process and when temperature and humidity levels are precisely controlled, product consistency and quality are improved.

“With the new RBS Multi-Pass Proofer achieving snack product consistency, while improving operational efficiencies, has never been easier. We can achieve 42 Meters of proof distance in a 9.0-Meter-long proofing enclosure, by controlling heat and humidity via an intuitive PLC. This flexible, efficient, and simple to use system is exactly what today’s snack food producers are looking for.” said Cameron Johnston, director, engineering, RBS.

Additionally, performance of the multi-pass proofer is optimized by a full enclosure around the machine for better chamber efficiency, and the machine is easy to maintain with multiple enclosure doors for cleaning and inspection.

To learn more about the new multi-pass environmentally controlled proofer, please visit, call +01 610.693.5816, or connect with RBS via social media.