Axele, LLC, a Transportation Management System (TMS) company, has announced that Shaman Ahuja, senior director – product management, from parent company Optym will lead the team at Axele. In this role, Shaman will be responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, driving growth, and seeking investment capital.

“With Axele, our mission is to bring our optimization technology to a larger segment of the truckload industry and empower smaller carriers to compete and grow more effectively than ever before,” said Shaman Ahuja. “Longer term, we plan to apply this intelligence to new solutions and create new value for an even wider portion of the transportation industry beyond FTL operations.”

Shaman has been working with Optym and its business units for almost a decade. He brings strong leadership skills and experience in building robust, longer-lasting relationships with customers and helping them unlock more value from technology solutions. His goal for the company is to solve real problems for real people through simple and modern technology. He is reorganizing the teams at Axele to be more customer-centric, guiding team members to build lasting relationships with clients and making a more significant impact on customers' lives. 

“The focus until now has been to invest in product development to bring the Axele technology to maturity, which is now complete,” added Ravi Ahuja, founder of Optym. “We are in a new phase of the company now, focused on growth and expansion, and commercialization of the now-ready product, which Shaman will spearhead.”

Previously, Shaman worked in various roles at parent company Optym. He served as a senior software engineer, principal designer, development manager, product development director, and product design director. For the past two years, Shaman was the Director of Delivery at Amadeus, where he managed customer-facing teams and led implementations to increase customer engagement and profitability. He will now bring these skills and initiatives to Axele. 

Before Optym, he worked as a technology analyst at Goldman Sachs. Shaman received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.