Ortega is marking Cinco de Mayo with a new sweepstakes where one lucky consumer will win a year of free tacos. The promotion comes on the heels of a recent survey from the Ortega brand, that revealed just how much Americans are willing to give up for free tacos every day for a year.

Ortega surveyed 1,300 Americans to understand their taco consumption behaviors and preferences, and found that Americans are willing to give up some of their favorite indulgences and vices—including coffee, video games, and even social media—if it means they can have free tacos for a year.

Key survey findings include:

  • Americans taking tacos over coffee: Nearly 1 in 3 (29%) Americans surveyed said they would give up coffee for one year if it meant they could get free tacos for a year.
  • Passing on popular pastimes: More than one third of Americans surveyed said they would give up sports (36%) and video games (34%) in order to receive free tacos for a year.
  • Swapping social time for tacos: Nearly one in five Americans surveyed said they were willing to give up social media (19%) if it meant they could have free tacos for a year.
  • Tacos takeover: When asked about the frequency of eating foods per month, almost half (48%) of Americans surveyed said they eat tacos at least once per month* - that's more than pizza (46%), burgers (46%), French fries (41%) or pasta (36%).

Luckily, Americans won't need to give anything up, including social media, to still be eligible to win free Ortega tacos for a year. Beginning May 2, 2022 through May 6, 2022, consumers can enter to win the Ortega 'Year of Free Tacos' sweepstakes by visiting ortega.com/sweepstakes.   One winner will be selected at random and receive 52 coupons for a free box of Ortega taco shells—enough to create more than 600 tacos—in addition to assorted Ortega products for creating the ultimate taco. The winner will also receive a $1040 gift card (equal to $20 per week) to purchase their favorite taco fillings and toppings. No purchase is necessary. For a complete list of official rules and for more information, please visit: www.ortega.com/sweepstakes-rules/.

"The Ortega brand's easy-to-make, at-home Mexican foods have become a booming grocery category over the past few years, driven primarily by innovation and accessibility," said Jordan Greenberg, executive vice president & chief commercial officer, B&G Foods. "Our recent survey findings confirm just how devoted American families are to eating tacos regularly, and we're excited to reward consumers with this opportunity to win free tacos for a year."

For more information about Ortega or to enter the 'Year of Free Tacos' sweepstakes, please visit www.ortega.com/sweepstakes-rules/.

Survey Data Compilation: 1,300 American consumers who have eaten tacos ages 18-73 agreed to take a survey about their taco consumption. The survey was conducted between 2/28/2022-3/01/2022 and users were recruited through a Suzy Poll.

*of respondents who have tacos at least once per month, but not as often as once per week