Nature's Bakery has announced the launch of its Baked for the Win campaign, which intends to celebrate and spotlight consumers' daily wins. According to new survey data*, an overwhelming majority (88%) of respondents believe these moments or daily wins, no matter the size, have a big impact on families' well-being and sense of accomplishment. Nature's Bakery believes that just like choosing a healthier snack, little wins can go a long way to boost your mood and outlook. As such, the snack brand is partnering with TV personalities Catherine and Sean Lowe to encourage consumers to share their #LittleBigWins for a chance to win snacks, swag and cash prizes. Whether families are spending quality time outside or simply learning something new, Nature's Bakery wants to know—and celebrate—the little wins that made the day.

"As a wife and mother, making sure my children, husband and now new puppy, Gus, feel recognized for their daily accomplishments—getting my sons to school on time, enjoying a quiet morning cup of coffee with my husband or potty training wins with Gus—is an important part of my day," said Catherine Lowe. "After the last couple of years, I don't want to take even the smallest things for granted. I love that the Nature's Bakery Baked for the Win campaign champions that mindset of gratitude, while fueling my family during our day and taking the guesswork out of snack time—a win for them and me!"

As part of its mission, Nature's Bakery believes everyone deserves better-for-you snacks that taste great and make you feel good. New survey data shines a light on other ways the brand can help consumers "feel good" these days. Now more than ever, a strong majority of families (78%) are tackling life's daily challenges by recognizing and seeing the positive in those little big life moments that bring them joy and a sense of accomplishment. At the heart of its new Baked for the Win campaign is the brand's objective to encourage consumers' celebration of those moments—no matter how small. Other notable survey results include:

  • A vast majority of respondents (85%) say it's "somewhat" or "very important" for their child's everyday accomplishments be recognized.
    • Similarly, over half (56%) say it's "somewhat" or "very important" that their own accomplishments be recognized daily.
  • Whether "stressed," "confident," or "prepared," 82% of parents are consciously trying to make better-for-you swaps when it comes to feeding their families.
  • Roughly 8 in 10 parents (83%) wish they recognized their children's little wins more often.
  • Since the pandemic, 78% of parents say their appreciation for the little things changed.
  • Heartwarmingly, 86% of parents believe daily little wins can happen all around you once you start looking for them.

"With the hustle of daily life, it can be easy to overlook the moments that bring smiles to our faces," said Nature's Bakery CMO Vilma Livas. "We want to appreciate those wins and encourage real conversations that the little victories matter; they lift us up and balance out the other areas of stress in our lives. The survey results revealed additional ways Nature's Bakery, as a delicious, better-for-you snack, can help make these everyday moments even better. As the Proud Sponsor of Life's Little Wins, our goal is to empower people's feel-good moments, which begin with the meaningful connections that occur when we celebrate each other." 

As the official Proud Sponsor of Life's Little Wins, Nature's Bakery is hosting six weeks of giveaways to help facilitate and celebrate everyday victories. Nature's Bakery encourages consumers to share their own little win for a chance to win free snacks, swag, and cash prizes! To share your little win, enter at

*The online survey of 1,000 nationally representative parents was conducted in April 2022 via Pollfish on behalf of Nature's Bakery.