With the launch of its latest innovation, Hostess Bouncers, Hostess Brands is giving consumers a new way to experience some of its most iconic snacks—Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Donettes—with bite-sized snack cakes with creamy fillings.

"Consumers increasingly are looking for snackable, poppable, shareable treats that offer a sweet reward without the mess, and that's exactly what Hostess Bouncers deliver," said Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands. "We're excited to roll out mini variations of some of our most-loved creations as the perfect sweet surprises in any lunch box."  

Hostess Bouncers are available in three flavors:

  • Hostess Bouncers Glazed Twinkies are baked with real vanilla and feature a creamy filling inside a lightly glazed golden cake.
  • Hostess Bouncers Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs are made with real cocoa and feature a lightly glazed chocolate cake filled with a creamy filling.
  • Hostess Bouncers Cinnamon Donettes are baked with real cinnamon and feature a sweet filling inside a glazed cake doughnut hole.

Each multi-pack box of Hostess Bouncers contains five packable, portable pouches with three Bouncers per pouch, and will retail for $4.99.

For more information, visit the Hostess website at hostesscakes.com.

Hostess Brands is on the current Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery “Top 50 Snack & Bakery Companies” list. Click here to view the current “Top 50” rankings.