Today,, the direct-to-consumer site, launched GiftDrop—an all-new way for customers to offer friends and family the gift of choice. In just a few clicks, gifters can send a build-your-own gift tray experience, where one or many recipients choose their favorite snacks and treats from over 150 premium products. is a 90-year-owned and operated family business.'s GiftDrop is the ultimate gift for someone who takes their snacking seriously and likes to be in the driver's seat when deciding what to try.

"Snacking should be in the hands of the snacker; in a world of dietary restrictions and specific preferences, the consumer now can dream up their ultimate snack selection and take the stress away from gift-givers," said Albina Kehoe, senior vice president, marketing,

GiftDrop is simple for both the gift giver and the recipient. The gift giver picks the size and type of tray, adds a personalized message, and then hits send. Almost immediately, the recipient receives an email to accept the gift and arrives at a landing page where they can select snacks from over 150 premium selections. Once they have completed their selection, the unique, handcrafted gift is on its way.

Product choices include a variety of fresh nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, sweets, and snacks. In addition, recipients can filter the choices to specific dietary needs and preferences, including gluten-free, kosher, less salt, organic, raw, sugar-free, and vegan. With GiftDrop, there are thousands of possible combinations.

GiftDrop is available in two sizes and can be purchased on the website. The Classic Gift Tray is priced at $59.99, and the Premium Gift Tray is $69.99. ships to all 50 states.