In August, SIMPLE released better-for-you snack bars with no hidden sugars.

SIMPLE is a women-owned emerging brand, and its bars are certified Sugarwise. The bars use naturally occurring allulose for sweetness, and does not include cane sugar, sugar alcohols, stevia, brown rice syrup, glucose syrup, or artificial flavors.

The bars are also gluten-free, Non-GMO, Keto, all-natural, and clean label. Flavors include Almond & Dragonfruit, Chocolate Sea Salt, Walnut & Golden Spices, and Almond Matcha & Chia. The Chocolate Sea Salt flavor does contain a minimal amount of sugar. The bars are perfect for people with sugar-related issues such as Diabetes, Hashimoto's, or anyone looking to lower their sugar intake. They will retail for $2.49.