Hispanic entrepreneurs have demonstrated substantial levels of resilience and growth since the emergence of the pandemic, and food startups like CHUZA are a direct reflection of this achievement. From the vibrant colors and Mayan-inspired designs to the natural sweet and spicy flavors, the Mexican immigrant founder of CHUZA took its spicy, real-fruit snacks and launched its new flavor, Spicy Nopal.

Given the nopal cacti being known as Mexico's most fundamental symbol for centuries, this new flavor reinforces CHUZA’s core mission of honoring Mexico's true cultural identity. As the Latino community is stepping into its power in the U.S., so are Mexican flavors with its country's most prized delicacy, the cactus—under a sweet and spicy fun layer. Like nopal cacti, CHUZA reflects the same versatility, resilience, and perseverance that has resulted in its growing business success today.

Since June 2021, CHUZA has allowed Mexico's vibrant flavors to make their way into mass retail shelves. After one year of distribution, from online to various retail stores like Amazon, Bristol Farms, and Ralphs, CHUZA officially launched in Whole Foods Market starting in November.