BUILT has unveiled a new campaign to showcase its protein-focused nutritional products. Centered around the flavor profiles across the brand’s more than 20 varieties, the “You’ve Gotta Try This” campaign encourages consumers to reach for BUILT when they need to feel empowered, healthy, and rewarded. The new trial-focused campaign takes the concept of consumer recommendations to another level as it shows the worthiness of “flavoruptors” disrupting otherwise important tasks, such as high-stakes work meetings, or while immersed in an intense gym workout, to urge others to taste the protein bar. 

“We know how important high-quality protein is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and that’s why we’ve specially created BUILT Bars to provide you with the fuel you need and tasting like the treats you want. Our new ‘You Gotta Try This’ campaign showcases to consumers the BUILT Bar difference from other high-protein snacks,” says CEO and co-founder of BUILT Bar, Nick Greer.

The new campaign also goes beyond the OTT and OTV advertisements on streaming platforms and YouTube and extends into brand-owned social content across a variety of platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) being made in partnership with comedic actress Jude Salazar. As the brand’s “lead flavoruptor,” Jude will encourage trial of the brand’s variety of flavor offerings by bringing the “You Gotta Try This” messaging to the country as she conducts “Man on The Street” style interviews with unsuspecting consumers in three major cities across the U.S. (Salt Lake City, LA, and NYC). In addition to Jude’s on-the-street exploits, hundreds of additional on-the-street teams will be filming and sharing the “You Gotta Try This” campaign across the U.S. Viewers on social media can watch along as Jude and the activation teams disrupt everyday people’s routines with the flavors of BUILT’s protein bars.

In tandem with the new campaign, BUILT is bringing five additional flavors to its  portfolio with two returning fan-favorites, Cookie Dough and Coconut Brownie, and three new seasonal releases: White Chocolate Peppermint Granola, Candy Cane Brownie Bar, and Candy Cane Brownie Puff. All of the bars are low-calorie (between 130 to 150 calories), high protein (minimum 15g per bar), lower in fat (between 1.5 and 3g), and low-sugar.