Effective January 1, the RhovanilRhodiarome, and Rhovanil Natural range will be available in the United States and Canadian Food and Beverage Marketplace through Azelis Food & Nutrition NA. This strengthened distribution partnership complements 25 years of collaboration in North America between Solvay Aroma Performance and Vigon International (an Azelis Company) and expands the existing collaboration with Azelis in the EMEA region.

“Solvay Aroma leadership position in vanillin, ethylvanillin and natural vanillin will be reinforced in North America by the undisputable role that Azelis has in the distribution industry,” said Ray Routhier, North American distribution manager at Solvay. “We are thrilled to join forces with Azelis to grow our traditional Rhovanil and Rhodiarome brands in the region, while expanding into the natural segments of food and beverages with the Rhovanil Natural range that supports clean label & natural consumers’ demand.” 

“Expanding on Vigon’s long-standing relationship with Solvay as its North American distributor in the flavor and fragrance industry, the appointment of Azelis Food & Nutrition as Solvay’s North American distributor to the F&B market represents a significant development in growing the Solvay Aroma/Azelis partnership,” explained Jacqueline Grisotti, VP of food & nutrition, Azelis Americas. “Working with Solvay and leveraging our new Regional Innovation Center and Food Application labs will allow Azelis Food & Nutrition to provide superior technical services and innovative solutions to our customers in the US and Canada.”

Solvay is committed to playing an important role in sustaining the world’s ever-increasing demand for food by reducing environmental impact and resource consumption while meeting consumer desires for healthier, safer, tastier, and more natural foods. This aligns with Solvay’s newest growth platform, “Renewable materials and biotechnology,” which aims to meet growing demand for sustainable solutions by increasing the share of renewable carbon in Solvay’s product offering and developing new business opportunities enabled by biotechnology.