ABI, a baking equipment manufacturer, today announced the appointment of Raphaël Obadia as global sales manager.

Based in Toronto, Obadia was already supporting both MECATHERM and ABI over the past years with a sales function at TMG since 2020.

Obadia's experience with both MECATHERM and ABI is a considerable asset to create more synergies between both companies to offer a broader range of solutions to customers. 

"ABI teams are committed to providing custom automation and robotic solutions for industrial bakeries. I am optimistic about what we are going to achieve in the coming years, and it is an absolute honor to be part of this development," says Obadia.

Graduated with a Master of Mechanical Engineering, Obadia is able to provide technical insights to customers and help them overcome their challenges.   

MECATHERM and ABI are subsidiaries of the TMG holding company. TMG’s sister companies have complementary expertise and are developing combined offers to better serve the bakery industry.