At Natural Products Expo West 2023 (taking place March 8–9 in Anaheim, CA), ADM will demonstrate how innovative solutions are helping meet consumer demands for balanced wellness support and more personalized offerings. Consumers today are making mindful choices about their overall health by proactively seeking out tailored, functional solutions customized to meet their individual needs.

ADM plans to formally launch its Knwble Grwn line of sustainably sourced, wholesome, and plant-based food ingredients at the show. Knwble Grwn products (such as flax and hemp) are produced by small and underserved farmers using regenerative agriculture practices.

ADM experts will be available to discuss cutting-edge solutions to address evolving demands for trending consumer segments, including:

  • Women’s Health takes on a truly holistic approach to balanced wellness and proactive personalization, as demonstrated by ADM’s better-for-you chocolate square featuring isoflavones, three biotics (pre-, pro-, and post), plus vitamins D and C.
  • Gamers require quick reflexes and acute awareness when leveling up. ADM’s “Power-Up” Bite concept supports cognitive function and provides a steady supply of energy in a delicious bite-sized, protein-packed snack.
  • Active Nutrition consumers crave convenient formats and personalized options that support their health and wellness goals like weight management, metabolic health, and immune function support, as showcased in specially tailored concepts like the Finger Lime Mint Tri-Biotic supplement packed with three biotics and a zesty lime-mint flavor.