Pop-Tarts has released Apple Jacks Frosted Apple Cinnamon Flavor Pop-Tarts. Suited for a snack or breakfast, this new Kellogg toaster pastry adds Apple Jacks taste to every bite of frosting, filling, and golden crust.

Complete with green and orange-sprinkled frosting, Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts balance the warm cinnamon aroma and sweet apple flavor of the classic cereal to reinforce the “apple-cinnalicious” experience that has fed generations of breakfast consumers.

Following the introduction of Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop-Tarts (released in 2021), this latest flavor drop continues to demonstrate the brand's ability to push the boundaries of flavor, turning popular brands into toaster pastries.

"We know our fans love a brand mashup, so Pop-Tarts is continuing to provide new ways of enjoying the nostalgic flavors from our childhoods," says Heidi Ray, senior director of marketing, Portable Wholesome Snacks. "With over 50% of Apple Jacks households also purchasing Pop-Tarts, we believe this new flavor will bring families the best of both into one crazy good offering."  

Apple Jacks Frosted Apple Cinnamon Flavor Pop-Tarts will begin hitting shelves in March, with a full nationwide rollout in April. The flavor will be available in an 8-count box for an SRP of $3.84 and exclusively at Walmart in a 16-count box for an SRP of $5.02.