Giving Disney fans another reason to celebrate, LesserEvil (a better-for-you snack brand on a mission to make healthy, organic, less-processed, and sustainable snacks more accessible to everyone) is joining the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration with the launch of a limited-edition popcorn flavor, Celebration Popcorn.

The specially crafted offering is made with organic popcorn, dusted with a hint of raw cane sugar, and tumbled with organic olive oil for a premium quality, family-friendly snack. The sweet-and-salty offering will be available in 6.75oz party-size bags nationwide at Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts, before entering additional retailers in the coming months. 

Helping to tell the story of Disney over the years, LesserEvil’s Celebration Popcorn packaging features a playful design, showcasing animated characters from both classic and modern Disney films. From the iconic Disney Mickey Mouse to Moana, Celebration Popcorn aims to be a family hit, highlighting Disney’s magical 100-year milestone. 

“LesserEvil is honored to be collaborating with Disney for its 100th-anniversary celebration, helping to surprise and delight fans of all ages,” says Charles Coristine, president and CEO of LesserEvil. “From the packaging to the flavor profile, this limited edition popcorn pays tribute to Walt Disney and Disney fans, and encapsulates the excitement of this rich legacy of family entertainment.”