General Mills is launching a variety of new cereals and cereal-themed snacks this spring ranging from unexpected twists on fan-favorites to brand-new innovations. 

Perfect for checking out an upgrade on the tried-and-true or testing out something different, there’s something the whole family can enjoy like Kit Kat Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Tres Leches, Vanilla Spice Cheerios, Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Soft Baked Oat Bars, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dunkaroos, and more.

The new cereals include:

  • Kit Kat Cereal: Available beginning in May for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $5.69.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Tres Leches: Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s latest innovation—Cinnamon Toast Crunch Tres Leches cereal—brings the cake flavor to the cereal bowl. Every bite of Tres Leches Toast Crunch is packed with cinnamon and extra indulgent cinnamilk with the same crunchy texture from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Available for $5.69 (mid-size) and $7.17 (family-size), at Walmart and select retailers nationwide, beginning in May.
  • Vanilla Spice Cheerios: The newest, permanent offering from Cheerios, now with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Available for $6.88 (large size) and $7.17 (family-size), beginning in May.
  • Spider-Verse Cereal: Spider-Man is making a splash in his very own cereal! Fans can enjoy “spiderberry” flavored round puffs with marshmallows that look like the superhero’s mask. SRP: $2.99, available nationwide beginning in May.
  • Lucky Charms Minis and Cocoa Puffs Minis: With mini marshmallows in favorite classic shapes, Lucky Charms Minis joins Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese's Puffs, Trix, and now Cocoa Puffs for a fun new breakfast experience. Consumers can complete their mini house by building a mini art room using the cutouts from the back of box. MSRP: $5.69 (mid-size), $7.17 (family-size), beginning in May.
  • Chex Maple Brown Sugar: The new offering from Chex cereal adds the classic breakfast flavor common in oatmeal, bars, nut butters and even breakfast sandwiches to convenient, nutritious, and affordable ready-to-eat cereal. Made with real maple syrup, the new Maple Brown Sugar Chex has 25% less sugar per serving than the leading Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal. The gluten-free cereal is great for breakfast, snacking, or mixing. SRP: $5.39, available at stores nationwide this summer. 
  • :ratio KETO* Friendly Chocolate Almond Granola: The latest granola from :ratio offers crunch and a chocolate taste with 1g of sugar per serving. SRP: $7.99, available nationwide beginning in May.
  • :ratio KETO* Friendly Vanilla Almond Crunch Cereal: With 3g of sugar per serving, the new :ratio Vanilla Almond Crunch Cereal brings a crunch to a lightly sweetened cereal. SRP: $6.99, available beginning in May.

The new snacks include:

  • NEW Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dunkaroos: Enjoy your favorite 90’s snack with Vanilla Cookies while dunking into Cinnamon Toast Crunch frosting made with Cinnadust. SRP: $2.39, and available exclusively at convenience stores nationwide.   
  • NEW Cinnamon Toast Crunch Soft Baked Oat Bars: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Soft Baked Oat Bars are made with whole grain oats, ooey gooey icing, and swirls of real cinnamon from Cinnadust. SRP: $4.79 (six-count), available nationwide in late June. 
  • NEW Golden Grahams Soft Baked Oat Bars: Golden Grahams Soft Baked Oat Bars are made with the perfect combination of whole grain oats & wheat, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and chocolate icing. SRP: $4.79 (six-count), available nationwide in late June.
  • NEW Chex Mix Double Chocolate Bar: A combination of Chex pieces, pretzels, and chocolate chips for an indulgent, flavorful afternoon snack. SRP: $4.99 (six-count), $6.42 (12-count), available nationwide in late June.
  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Toast Crunch Soft Baked Cookies: Feature a swirl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch's Cinnadust for sweet snacking. SRP: $4.09 (18-count), available now.
  • Pillsbury Lucky Charms Soft Baked Cookies: Include baked-in Lucky Charms marshmallows bits. Available now for an SRP of $4.09 (18-count).