Crumbl Cookies has been taking the cookie sector by storm since its first store opened in Logan, Utah in 2017 by Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hensley. In the past six years, Crumbl has grown from one cookie shop to a franchise, with over 700 locations in 45+ states. 

Its rotating menu offers new flavors every week, while regularly bringing back crowd favorites and unique original recipes. Its stores are open Mondays through Saturdays and is closed on Sundays. 

In May, Crumbl's Northville, MI store opened, in the metro Detroit area, by Michigan natives Anthony and Amber White. After sinking their teeth into a warm chocolate chip cookie, they knew they had to be part of the Crumbl Crew, and the journey to opening their first Crumbl Cookies began.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Senior Editor Liz Parker was recently able to talk to Anthony White about Crumbl's recent Northville opening, as well as Candyce Page, senior public relations manager for new store openings, Crumbl corporate.

Liz Parker: What made you want to be a Crumbl franchise owner?

Anthony White: I was an active duty army officer for 10+ years, and during my last duty station in Arizona my wife and I fell in love with Crumbl Cookies when they opened the Queen Creek location as we were getting ready to move back to Michigan. We were obsessed with the product, marketing, branding, and store atmosphere—but most importantly, we're closed on Sundays which is a big deal for us. When we spoke to Sawyer during our initial interview we could feel how genuine he was, and through a lot of prayer we knew it was the right decision to make.

LP: Why is Crumbl an appealing choice for people looking to open a franchise?

Candyce Page: We are a rapidly growing franchise with a unique menu and simple business model. Our mission is to bring family and friends together over the best cookies in the world, and that includes our franchise partners. We are passionate about people and cookies! We are tech driven and social media prevalent which allows us to be competitive in today's growing dessert market.

LP: Crumbl has been expanding rapidly, especially in Michigan – why has its growth been so stellar so far?

AW: I believe the rapid expansion is due to a few key components. Crumbl gives up a lot of sales to allow their employees a healthy work life balance. Second, our cookies are the best in the world, hands down. Third, Crumbl does an amazing job marketing and branding.

CP: We put customers first. Our presence in the communities and on social media are engaging, exciting, and something to look forward to. Our rotating menu invites customers to taste weekly and plant roots with loyal customers around the country.

LP: How does Crumbl work to make sure all of its franchises meets their quality standards?

CP: We have many teams at HQ that work tirelessly to support our franchise partners. Extensive training, 1:1 support for every franchise owner, listening to feedback, and setting our franchise partners up for the highest success in their community. Our business model is simple, and exciting.

LP: How did Crumbl originally come up with the concept of having two flavors that do not change each week, but having the rest of the flavors change weekly?

AW: Crumbl first started with just the chocolate chip [cookie]. The rotating menu was birthed from customer demand. Crumbl always wants to provide the highest level of customer service, and one way we accomplish that is by our rotating menu. 

CP: We started out with just one flavor total, and slowly developed more as demand asked of us. Our Milk Chocolate Chip and Pink Sugar have been staples in the beginning. On occasion they will come out of rotation, however we like to have the consistency of our staples and the thrill of our rotating menu. Nobody knows what cookies will be out until Sunday nights!

LP: What’s your personal favorite(s) cookie flavor at Crumbl?

AW: That is truly a tough one for me. I swear it changes every time I try a new cookie. If I had to choose one warm cookie with a nice cold glass of milk it would have to be Peanut Butter Brownie.

CP: I LOVE the Cornbread cookie. Whenever it comes into rotation I am at the store every day. It's too good!

LP: What’s next for your franchise or brand? Also, how did you choose Northville for your location?

AW: Northville is our last store to open in Michigan as of now. What's next for our company is focusing on our operations to ensure we provide not only the world's best cookies but the world's best customer service. Every time a customer comes to one of our locations, we want that time to be the best part of their day. With how crazy life can be, we want to ensure our customers leave with joy in their heart. 

We chose Northville because there is so much going on in that corridor. You have Costco, Target, Meijer, and a brand new Chick-fil-A that opened next door. So many people travel to that area for their running around, we felt people would love to stop in during their busy day.

CP: We are consistently growing, and finding new opportunities to share the joy of these cookies with everyone. We are in almost all 50 states, and are open in Canada! Our goal is to share our mission with the world and that is what we plan to do.