Circana (formerly IRI and The NPD Group) has today announced the launch of Passport+, intended to unleash outsize growth for small to midsize CPG companies through comprehensive data, insight, and reporting solutions. In less than 24 hours, clients can easily and affordably access consumer and market data that is critical to their business success. Passport+, available on Circana’s industry-leading Liquid Data platform with the latest Unify+ visualization, provides insights into shopper behavior and retail trends that level the playing field and help smaller CPGs compete effectively in the market.

“Big data no longer needs to be synonymous with big budgets,” says Jeremy Allen, president, Global Consumer Packaged Goods, Circana. “With Passport+, small and midsize CPG companies can access insights just like the larger ones do. This turnkey solution is essentially an ‘analyst in a box,’ providing quick, intuitive access to insights on trends and performance. With just a few clicks, users can compile a full presentation that identifies business opportunities and offers strategy recommendations.”

Passport+ was designed to meet the unique needs of small to midsize CPG companies. Curated content is organized around the client’s most pressing business questions, enabling data-driven decisions that are foundational for growth. Passport+ enables clients to engage with retailers, secure distribution, drive trial and interest, and launch innovative new products with ease. Now available within the U.S. and expanding globally in the near future, the solution features an intuitive, self-serve model that requires no data expertise with flexibly priced packages.

The data available through Passport+ spans multiple retailers, markets, and channels, including e-commerce. To learn more about Passport+, visit

Circana’s Mid-Market Growth Practice provides high-tech and high-touch support for small to midsize businesses. Regardless of company size, Circana has a data solution that drives understanding and growth. Companies benefit from access to all the same tested and proven solutions offered to Circana’s global partners, enabling companies of all sizes to democratize data, streamline analytics and, ultimately, win in the marketplace.

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