bakerly announced it is expanding its line of signature crêpes and on-the-go snacks with a new addition: peanut butter and grape filled crêpes to-go. Each crêpe is crafted using original French recipes and filled with the timeless American combo of creamy peanut butter and sweet grape filling.

Inspired by the founders’ childhood favorites growing up in France, where crêpes are a cherished tradition, and years running a crêperie in Brittany, bakerly’s crêpes to-go are made using real, simple ingredients like smooth peanut butter and real eggs and butter, and without preservatives, artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Each bakerly crêpe also comes individually wrapped and requires zero prep time.

“As a kid growing up in France, nothing compared to the joy and taste of a freshly made French crêpe, and we wanted to share that joy with Americans while incorporating something that is beloved and nostalgic over here as well: peanut butter and jelly,” says Fabian Milon, co-founder and COO of bakerly. “We’re thrilled to continue sharing our love of French baked goods and quality ingredients through our latest creation, peanut butter and grape filled crêpes to-go, and at the same time make busy lives a little easier and more delicious.” 

bakerly was founded in 2015 by two "Bretons" from Northwest France, Julien Caron and Fabian Milon, with a simple but ambitious goal: to share their love of French brioche, crêpes, and pastries and bring their cherished childhood favorites from France to the U.S. market. The duo sought to recreate the same taste and quality of the delicacies they grew up with, and this aspiration was further fueled by Fabian's experience running a creperie in Brittany, France (the birthplace of the French crêpe) and Julien’s “savoir-faire” from his family’s food business. Drawing upon their passion for crafting the perfect crêpe, they brought the authentic recipes and precise baking techniques to bakerly's line of delicious crêpes to-go, which also includes a chocolate hazelnut and a strawberry filled option.  

Inspired by France and made in the USA, bakerly’s crêpes to-go can be found on shelves of grocery stores nationwide, including Target and Publix, and online at and Amazon.  

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