PB2 Foods, maker of the original powdered peanut butter, has finalized its vertical integration investment. The investment will supply other companies and industries with peanut ingredients. 

PB2 Foods will now roast, grind, and press its own peanuts to make peanut paste, unrefined roasted peanut oil, and defatted peanut flour. These are common ingredients found in many plant-based products, from ice cream and baked goods to protein powders and pet foods. To vertically integrate its operations, PB2 Foods is repurposing a 110,000-square-foot facility in Tifton, GA.

“This is a momentous step in our company’s journey,” says Craig Entwistle, CEO, PB2 Foods. “Achieving vertical integration enhances our food safety and quality control measures, ensuring our standards are maintained at every stage of production. Reaching this point in our strategic vision positions us for long-term success and sustainability, and allows us to better serve our customers and consumers.”  

By bringing the company’s entire manufacturing process in-house, PB2 Foods will create nearly 30 new jobs local to Tifton, GA. 

With the completion of the vertical integration, PB2 Foods will move to the next phase in its long-term business planning, which includes a greater focus on R&D and marketing.

“We’re proud of our history as a producer of high-quality products, and we are ready to take the next step in our journey now that all our processing is under one roof,” Entwistle continues. “Not only does this investment help the company grow, it also gives us an opportunity to support our local community, our employees, and our existing and future customers.”   

For more information about PB2 Foods and its products, visit pb2foods.com

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