Lexington Bakes (LBX) is relaunching its portfolio of brownies and cookies in a smaller size format with a mini brand identity refresh and 25% less sugar per serving. The California-based eco-conscious luxury dessert brand empowers consumers to indulge better with A Real Good Treat. For You & The Planet, Radical Ingredient Transparency, and No Naughty Ingredients.

In 2022, Lexington Bakes was thrust into retail just three months after launching their e-commerce store as a finalist in Foxtrot's up&comers contest. Having spent the last two years establishing a reputation for dessert with Radical Ingredient Transparency, revealing its exact ingredient brands and partners, the brand is now adapting its offerings to align more intentionally with consumer snacking trends for smaller portion sizes. According to the latest Mondelēz International's annual State of Snacking report, 67% of consumers look for portion-controlled snacks (+5% from the prior year), and 70% report that they would rather have a smaller portion of an indulgent snack than a bigger portion of a low fat/sugar alternative version.

The brand refresh launches a new campaign, "Nostalgic Treats. Better Than You Remember." A colorful new aesthetic and bright new messaging anchor Lexington Bakes' brand identity evolution as part of a broader effort to redefine accessible luxury and strengthen shelf impact as they plan to expand the portfolio. All of this is designed to reflect the brand's ethos of championing elevated dessert experiences that surprise and delight with No Naughty Ingredients. LXB treats are free from artificial ingredients, soy, corn, sugar alcohols, and oils.

"Our new campaign communicates the luxury of Lexington Bakes. It's always been about reimagining the classic nostalgic treats we loved, simply, with real, organic, and fair trade ingredients," says Lex Evan, founder and CEO of Lexington Bakes. "We took a deep dive into this industry two years ago and have learned much since we launched. Ultimately, listening to how people enjoy their treats is how we decided to transition our 5-oz. format to a bite-sized 2-oz. treat. With our previous $11 price point, the goal was to disrupt the shelf and stand out as a new brand, but it was always fair. We often had the most competitive price per oz for a 100% organic and 40%+ fair trade treat. With some traction, we're ready to focus on a smaller size and more accessible price point of $6 and unlock our growth potential.”

Lexington Bakes' new size format and packaging will debut over the coming weeks with new and current retailers, including Lazy Acres, Equator Coffees, Erewhon, Good Eggs, and Pop Up Grocer. Later this fall, it will launch with a leading online retailer.

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