First up on this week's Fun Friday: from the second part of Bridgerton Season 3 to House of the Dragon Season 2 and other anticipated premieres like the Bratz documentary which all came out recently, consumers will be collectively be binge-watching their favorite genres. 

With all the couch time sure to be logged, it’s important that consumers have their snack set up on lock. Did you know there’s a science to what snack consumers choose based on what they're watching? Danone North America took a look into how people snack depending on what types of shows they’re watching and learned that 96% of people tend to snack while they watch TV, and that there is a preferred genre of snack for each genre of TV. For example: 

  • 57% of rom-com fans reach for sweet snacks while streaming 
  • 73% of thriller watchers grab something salty/savory  
  • 39% of docuseries fans reach for healthy snacks compared to other groups 

Cracker Jack, sprinter Allyson Felix partner to debut Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad

In 2022, Cracker Jack founded Cracker Jill with the belief that sometimes all it takes to believe you can do something is to see someone like you do it first. With a new study that illustrates the crucial need to continue elevating the stories of women athletes, the brand is asking everyone to share the stories of five incredible women who are heading to the global stage this summer by announcing the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad.

By elevating the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad, which is guided by sprinter Allyson Felix and comprised of five women athletes participating in five different sports, Cracker Jack hopes to inspire young women to see themselves and feel empowered to stay in the game they love. The five athletes include: Ashleigh Johnson, water polo; Jennifer Lozano, boxing; Kennedy Blades, wrestling; Lindsey Zurbrugg, wheelchair basketball; and Noelle Lambert, para track and field.

To encourage others to share more stories of women athletes, Cracker Jack will encourage fans to share the stories of the Spotlight Squad through the “Cracker Jill Share Your Spotlight Sweepstakes” for the chance to have a $10,000 donation made in their name to a charity that supports women athletes, and $500 to fuel their own sports endeavors. 

Building upon these donations, Cracker Jack is donating $200,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundations to support the shared mission of addressing the crucial need for equity, recognition and more opportunity for women athletes. In total, Cracker Jack, has donated $600,000 to the WSF and supported 29,000 girls in sport through its Cracker Jill program. 

What grocery navigation habits say about generational preferences

Understanding how different generations navigate the aisles when shopping for groceries provides invaluable insights into shoppers’ evolving preferences.

Over the course of two years, 84.51°, the retail data science, insights, and media company helping Kroger and its partners create customer-centric shopper journeys, conducted research on how shoppers say they make their way through a grocery store—do they take the time to browse, walk through every aisle or take the quickest route to find what they need?

Among the takeaways:

  • Gen Z may not go aisle-by-aisle, but they do have a tendency to explore beyond their immediate shopping list. On the other hand, baby boomers explore more aisles, but not all, targeting those that are relevant to their shopping list.
  • Gen Z shoppers are showing an inclination to explore aisles in order to discover new products.
  • Baby boomers view shopping as a leisure activity but will prioritize the quickest route through the store when needed.
  • Brands who focus only on the digitally-savvy younger shoppers may be missing out on the purchasing power of baby boomers. Americans aged 65 and older represented 22% of spending in 2022, the largest share since record-keeping began in 1972 by the Labor Department.

Read the full report here.

The most popular ballpark foods in every state

“Burger! Get your Cheeseburger!” may not be what you’re used to hearing at a baseball game, but according to a new study, it’s looking like hotdogs may be past their time for America’s favorite pastime.

The research team at TicketSource analyzed Google Trends search data over the last year to find the most popular ballpark food in every state.

Here’s a look at what fans are craving:

  • Hamburger is the top choice in 13 states, including Georgia. This juicy staple is a crowd favorite in the Braves' home state
  • You might find Arizona Diamondbacks fans enjoying French Fries, the most searched in 11 states, including Arizona
  • Popcorn is the favorite in 7 states, including Michigan and Utah. Light and crunchy, it’s a perfect game-day treat on a day trip to Comerica Park to see the Detroit Tigers
  • Nachos are the go-to snack in 5 states, including Missouri, offering a crunchy, cheesy delight for St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals fans.
  • Soft-Serve ice cream is preferred in 4 states, including Massachusetts. What’s better than a sweet treat with the Green Monster at Fenway Park?
  • Cotton Candy and Cracker Jacks each reign supreme in 2 states. Fans in Rhode Island love the sugary fluff of cotton candy, while Vermonters savor the nostalgic crunch of Cracker Jack.
  • The Hot Dog, an iconic ballpark staple, is the favorite in 2 states, including Ohio. If you’re catching a Cleveland Guardians or Cincinnati Reds game, you’re likely to have a hot dog in hand!

Other unique favorites include:

  • Chicken fingers in Alabama, perfect for dipping and sharing.
  • Peanuts in Kentucky, offering a classic ballpark experience.
  • Cheeseburger in Nebraska, adding a twist to the traditional hamburger.
  • Sunflower seeds in North Dakota, providing a healthy and crunchy option.
  • Soft pretzels in Pennsylvania, a warm and salty treat for Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates fans

See the full study here.

Swaddle for consumers' "bread babies"

Summer’s heat doesn’t stop bakers from firing up their ovens, as the demand for their fresh loaves at picnics, potlucks, and barbecues only heats up—and there’s a new accessory launching today from Sourhouse that promises to protect their creations from the great outdoors in style.

As you likely know, when bakers bring bread to friends, they want to wrap it with as much care as they put into baking it. That's why the home bakers at Sourhouse created the Bread Blanket—a versatile, breathable muslin wrap that is called a "swaddle for your bread baby.”

Perfect for outdoor gatherings this summer, the Bread Blanket is designed to keep home-baked loaves crispy, clean, and shielded from the elements, ensuring that bakers can transport, share, and serve their bread with confidence. And unlike a bread bag, this simple square fits any loaf—from baguettes to boules, with dozens of potential ways to tie it.

The Bread Blankets are available for $19.95 in three colors—gold and black, black and white, and gold—and include print patterns composed of various boules.