Bauli Collection of Italian Baked Goods

Company: Bauli, Verona, Italy


Introduced: August

Distribution: International

Suggested Retail: $11.99 for a 35.2-oz. Il Panettone di Milano, $10.99 for a 26.4-oz. Il Pandoro di Verona, $13.99 for the 28.2-oz. Il Pandoro di Limonce, $1.29 for a 1.76-oz. bag of Croissants, $1.99 for a 2.64-oz. bag of Mini Croissants

Bauli Collection of Italian Baked Goods

Product Snapshot: Bauli, a creator of traditional Italian holiday cakes and pastries, recently launched its line of desserts in the U.S. Products include Il Panettone di Milano, a traditional Christmas bread with a sweet, crunchy glaze and whole almonds; Il Pandoro di Verona, a traditional Christmas bread baked in a star-shaped mold and sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar; Il Pandoro di Limonce, a sweet loaf case with a hint of Italian liquor; Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Custard and Cherry Jelly Croissants; and Chocolate Cream and Vanilla Custard Mini Croissants.