Mi Rancho 75th Anniversary Poster

Mi Rancho, Oakland, CA, a family-owned manufacturer of tortillas and Mexican food products for foodservice providers and a new contender in grocery, recently announced its campaign to celebrate 75 years of business, including plans to recognize key customers and employees.

Mi Rancho started in 1939 in Oakland as a neighborhood grocery with a small selection of Mexican food products and a single tortilla oven. “I literally grew up at Mi Rancho—from walking store aisles, driving trucks and running all of production to now owning the company,” says Manuel Berber, third-generation owner and president of the company. “The future and success of Mi Rancho has always gone hand-in-hand with the success of my family. The years of hard work, sometimes spending over 12 hours a day at Mi Rancho, has paid off in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

Mi Rancho produces 1.5 billion tortillas each year using the same methods it used 75 years ago. In honor of this milestone, the company commissioned Oakland native Steve Epstein to create a limited-edition, letter-pressed poster commemorating the company’s 75th anniversary (shown). The Berbers plan to distribute the poster to key accounts, friends and family, while also hosting a celebration in the coming months to recognize and honor the people who have contributed to the company’s growth and success over the years.

“From the very beginning, it was a family affair,” says Robert “Pops” Berber Jr., who purchased Mi Rancho with his father in 1954, before assuming sole ownership in 1974. “My son Manuel has done an amazing job growing the business. My grandson, Andrew, who grew up in the back of Mi Rancho is now a few years out of college. He is learning the entire business—from the production line on up, preparing for the day when it’s his turn to take the reins and run Mi Rancho. My other grandson, Alex, is in New York now, but is planning to come back one day and work with the sales team.”