Company: Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Northbrook, IL



Ingredient Snapshot: Bell Flavors & Fragrances has launched a new line of tomato flavors that mimic the best of what Mother Nature has to offer—from fresh, juicy notes in its vine-ripe flavor to the deep umami notes in cooked tomato. Some of the flavors currently in the line are Juicy Type Tomato, with a sweeter, floral, juicier taste profile; Fresh Vine Type Tomato, with crisp green notes; Sun-dried Type Tomato, with a savory, meaty, sweet note; Sweet Cooked Type Tomato, with a meaty, salty, rich umami flavor; Oven Roasted Type Tomato, with notes of sweet vanilla accented with caramelized, sugary, sweet, fruity notes; Blackened Cherry Type Tomato, with notes of fresh citrus complemented by charred and meaty notes; Tomatillo Type Tomato, with green and tart notes; and Roasted Tomatillo Type Tomato, with the aroma of cooked Granny Smith apples.