Cosmos Creations, Junction City, OR, says it has broken the world record for baking the largest puffed caramel corn ball. Weighing in at 6,780 pounds, “Carl” the corn ball is more than 8 feet tall and 25 feet in circumference. Carl made his debut today at the Lane County Fair in Eugene, OR. He will remain on display through July 26, the end of the fair.

“It’s been a great time having everyone come together to bring such a big idea into fruition,” says Cosmos Creations vice president of sales and marketing, Jerid Strasheim. “We are not only excited for Carl to finally make his debut, but for Cosmos Creations to make history as a world record-holder.”

Preparing Carl the corn ball took 10 employees more than 100 engineering hours to complete, according to the company. Comprised of non-GMO cornmeal, corn syrup, cane sugar, butter and molasses, Carl is the equivalent of 17,000 6.5-ounce, multiserve snack bags. The Cosmos Creations team used a custom-fabricated enclosed trailer with a steel cradle to ensure safe transport to the fair and other future events.

“Carl the corn ball has been a very fun project to be a part of,” says Cosmos Creations general manager, Ron Evans. “We are excited for everyone to finally meet him. It’s been a great team-building experience and everyone here has done something to help bring him to life.”