Company: SunRidge Farms, Royal Oaks, CA


Introduced: September

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail: $11.49 per pound of cashews (bulk), $13.49 per pound of almonds (bulk), $6.99 for a 6-ounce bag of cashews or almonds

Product Snapshot: Retailers looking to spice up their seasoned nuts selections may want to check out SunRidge Farms’ new Chipotle Lime Chimayo Red Chile Almonds and Chipotle Lime Chimayo Red Chile Cashews. The company combines Chimayo chiles—grown in their namesake region of Chimayo, NM—with the smokiness of chipotle and the citrus of lime to create a tangy spice blend that it applies to non-GMO almonds and cashews before roasting them in small batches. The nuts contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats or artificial flavors and colors.