Today’s snack food and bakery industries continually embrace and reflect new trends and formulation approaches—sometimes just slight twists that add interest, sometimes altogether new pathways of development. So any chance of standing still in the wake of perpetual change is unlikely—at least if you hope to pique consumer interest and grow new business, whether on retail shelves, as part of the in-store bakery, working with private label and co-manufacturing clients, and across our many levels of U.S. foodservice.

As we enter 2016, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery is excited to offer a handful of new topics of discussion. This includes a new regular feature called “Logistics,” a new industry expert column, expanded show coverage, and new snack and bakery ingredient features. We will also expand our online-exclusive content to bring more value to your ongoing analysis of snack and bakery topics that will drive your business forward.

A key move here is the addition of the Logistics articles running in every regular issue. These topics cover operational subjects that snack producers and bakery companies use to continue to streamline their business through technology. Our lineup for 2016 will feature Software, Supply-Chain Management, Stackers & Loaders, Traceability, Cold-Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Fleet Management, Cold Storage and Human Machine Interfaces. While we have covered some of the subjects in the past within previous Warehouse/Distribution features, others are altogether new areas that seek to help snack producers and bakers modernize everything from ingredient procurement to distribution.

Also on deck is a new Artisan column written by Richard Miscovich, educator, author and all-around influencer in bakery today. His fantastic book “From the Wood-Fired Oven” is a definitive look at artisanal hearth breads, pizza and pastry. As all things artisan grow more mainstream in bakery today, we look forward to gaining expert insight from Richard during the course of the year.

Our content will also have a stronger connect to the vital trade shows that help guide your business, with expanded pre-show and post-show coverage, as well as vital show issue features. This includes several opportunities for IBIE 2016 information throughout the year.

New ingredients coverage will bring fresh perspectives to our core snack and bakery category coverage, and during 2016, we will include features on Coatings & Drizzles; Inclusions, Fillings & Toppings; and Dairy, featuring ingredients like cheese, yogurt, milk and whey protein.

In addition, we will expand our coverage of Functional Ingredients to include information related to gums and starches, dough conditioners, natural and traditional preservatives, and salt. Likewise, our article on Nutritional Ingredients will include information on trends and available ingredients to add fiber, omega fatty acids, probiotics and protein to snacks and baked goods.

The digital world likewise never sits still, and during 2016, will offer a new level of online-exclusive trend and category-specific content each month, including features on Breakfast Cookies & Biscuits, Popped Snacks, Yogurt Coatings, Protein-Fortified Bars, Better-for-You Tortillas, Puffs & Extruded Snacks, Doughnuts, Artisan Breads, Breakfast, Frozen Ethnic Appetizers, Better-for-You Crackers and Private Label Brands.

Collectively, these subjects are designed to fortify the content we already put forth in every issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery and on to help drive your business forward.