Company: Steviva Ingredients, Portland, OR


Ingredient Snapshot: Steviva Ingredients has partnered with farmers in Brazil to produce BraziliaSweet RA95 and BraziliaSweet 95-60 stevia extracts. The newest additions to the company’s portfolio of clean-label sugar reduction products are harvested from ethically sourced, identity-preserved stevia plants cultivated in a single location in Brazil. Because concentration and purity of sweetening glycosides can vary when stevia leaves are sourced globally, Steviva says its single-location sourcing ensures dependable, consistent flavor. BraziliaSweet RA95 has a more pronounced sweet technical effect; BraziliaSweet 95-60 is slightly less sweet and offers a more well-rounded flavor profile. The natural, high-intensity, zero-calorie sweeteners can be used in a variety of no-, low- or reduced-calorie products, including meal replacement bars, snacks, desserts and confectionery products. Both are halal, ISO 9001 and 14001, FSSC 22000 and kosher pareve-certified; the sweeteners are available in 10-kilogram, poly-lined bags.