Company: Steviva Ingredients, Portland, OR


Ingredient Snapshot: To help manufacturers reduce the costs of research and development associated with creating food and beverages made with all-natural sweeteners, Steviva Ingredients is now offering reduced particle sizes for its entire line of powdered sweeteners. Sweeteners and custom blends are available in particle sizes ranging from 30 mesh to 230 mesh. In addition to precise particle size offerings, Steviva is also able to customize particle shape. To showcase this capability, Steviva is unveiling ErySweet+ Ultra, an ultrafine mesh erythritol and stevia blend. Designed for use in chocolate, it folds into any cold or hot process and has a heat tolerance exceeding 250° F. Finer than confectionary sugar, ErySweet+ Ultra can be used for making smooth frostings, fillings, fondants or coatings. Reduced particle sizing is also available for the following powdered Steviva Ingredients lines: CocoSweet+, Fructevia, MonkSweet+, SteviaSweet RA98 and XeroSweet+.