Company: Glanbia Nutritionals


Ingredient Snapshot: Glanbia Nutritionals, announced the launch of a revolutionary new flavor technology, EasyFlav Whey, designed to optimize flavor delivery and improve nutrition in whey protein systems. The flavor technology neutralizes the off-notes typically found in protein to provide a clean, consistent flavor while enhancing the nutritional profile. Glanbia’s expertise in flavors and proteins has enabled the company to create a problem-solving protein product that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Well known for its flavor neutralizing capabilities in vegetable proteins, EasyFlav flavor technology has now been specifically developed for whey protein systems for use in health and wellness and sports nutrition applications. By replacing the traditional carbohydrate core with added protein and a stable flavor, EasyFlav Whey delivers a protein-filled product with a clean label, which delivers maximum nutrition. As well as increased protein content, it allows for up to 30 percent reduction of carbohydrate for a pure, nutritious product. This enables formulators to achieve higher protein levels with an appealing taste – previously challenging due to the bitter, cardboard notes a high protein content would typically generate.

EasyFlav Whey serves as one easy to use streamlined solution, eliminating the need for separate protein and flavor solutions. This saves development time, removes the need to manage multiple suppliers and surmounts the challenges traditionally found in protein formulation. The technology is also customizable, enabling formulators to tailor the flavor to meet customers’ needs.