Company: J&J Snack Foods Corp.


Introduced: August 2016

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.50

Product Snapshot: J&J Snack Foods Corp. recently acquired Corazonas HEARTBAR oatmeal squares. Corazonas HEARTBARS provide a mix of heart-healthy ingredients, all while being non-GMO, high in protein (up to 6g), low sodium and rich in fiber. The oatmeal squares use only simple, wholesome, non-gluten containing ingredients. With heart healthy ingredients, HEARTBARS are made using non-gmo ingredients, and are an excellent source of fiber, made with whole grain rolled oats and fuel.

The active ingredient of plant sterols is what differentiates Corazonas HEARTBAR oatmeal squares from other bar brands, and aids in the lowering of cholesterol when consumed. HEARTBAR has the same amount of nourishing plant sterols as contained in 61 tomatoes.