Company: Delavau Food Partners


Ingredient Snapshot: Delavau Food Partners recently released several new ingredients.

  • Encore Fresh: The antimicrobial functionality of this ingredient extends the shelf life of breads, sweet goods, and snacks. With Encore Fresh, Delavau has extended the shelf life of pita from 10 to 21 days.
  • Encore Soft: With this anti-staling ingredient, breads, sweet goods, and snacks taste fresher longer. With Encore Soft, Delavau has extended the eating experience of fresh-made donuts from 18 to 36 hours and shelf-stable snack cakes from 30 to 45 days.
    • Encore Soft AM: Combining the capabilities of Delavau's Encore Fresh and Encore Soft ingredients, Encore Soft AM achieves the ideal balance between good-tasting and long-lasting, with both anti-staling and antimicrobial functionality.
  • Encore Strong: Encore Strong, a dough conditioning ingredient, provides strength, elasticity, and tolerance, for increased strength and volume of finished baked goods.
  • Encore Relax: Encore Relax supports better processing for pizza and other doughs, reducing elasticity, increasing extensibility, and shortening mix times.
  • Encore Plus: Delavau’s Encore Plus ingredients include multifaceted solutions, such as a clean label reformulation that also delivers shelf life extension and anti-staling benefits. Drawing on its team’s extensive bakery expertise and limitless capabilities, Delavau is able to deliver solutions that offer operational benefits that also support an ideal eating experience in muffins, breads, pizza, and more.