Company: Loc Maria Biscuits, Inc.


Introduced: September 2016

Distribution: International

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49

Product Snapshot: The savory Gavottes Crispy Crepes snacks, filled either with Boursin cheese, garlic and fine herbs or basil pesto, are made in France by a traditional biscuits maker called Loc Maria Biscuits, from a 1920's authentic and secret recipe.

A young lady making crepes on an outside food market forgot her crepe on the stove a little bit too much, rolled it 8 times around her knife and created by chance a delicious crunchy biscuit all natural and light! And the Gavottes Crispy Crepes were born!

Today, the savory version of our Gavottes offers a unique balance of fresh and tasty inside and airy crispy outside, perfect as a light snack or as accompaniment for soups and salads. Non GMO; no trans fat, no artificial flavoring and coloring, this new product will please all gourmets, the cheese lovers as well as the light snacks ones.

Bon appetite!