Company: SupHerb Farms


Ingredient Snapshot: Although mainstream Latin cuisines like Mexican and Caribbean dominate on U.S. menus, consumer interest in other South America cuisines is on the rise. More specifically, regional fare (the foods of Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru) has been identified as an emerging trend by industry experts at Technomic Inc. As foodservice customers broaden their Latin dining experiences, operators can take advantage of the opportunity to introduce intriguing new spices and flavorings and grow their business with signature dishes from South America’s diverse cuisines.

In a survey of one thousand consumers conducted by SupHerb Farms, respondents indicated interest in trying exotic South American ingredients and sauces, including Ajis (chili peppers ranging from sweet to super spicy), sazon (a spice blend with achiote, cumin, oregano and coriander), and pebre (a Chilean condiment with onion olive oil, garlic and aji peppers). Among the survey findings, consumers in the West are most likely to try spicy chili pepper-based sauces; and millennials and Gen X-ers are more willing try unfamiliar South American ingredients. With significant and growing spending power, both groups are agents for menu change.

Operators can rely on SupHerb Farms as a resource for information on trending South American flavors and as a primary source for the ingredients for creating them. Free access to trend and research information can be found at, and click here to read the full whitepaper.