Company: McIlhenny Company


Ingredient Snapshot: The McIlhenny Company recently introduced TABASCO brand Chipotle Spray Dry Flavoring—a full-bodied flavor enhancer that delivers the popular, smoky taste of TABASCO brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce in a convenient dry format. Artisanally crafted from smoked red jalapeño peppers, distilled vinegar and a blend of spices, TABASCO Chipotle Spray Dry adds balanced flavor to a wide variety of applications without adding moisture.

The chipotle pepper has a long history of flavor that dates back to ancient Aztecs, who passed the unique process of smoking sun-ripened red jalapeño peppers down through generations. Today, McIlhenny Company follows the Aztecs’ traditional smoking process, letting the peppers slow-dry in “chipotleras” (or pits) over fires fueled by locally harvested pecan wood. From there, TABASCO Chipotle Pepper Sauce is created and then spray-dried into a fine powder.

Chipotle Spray Dry can be used to elevate flavor in a variety of applications, including sauces, soups, dressings, marinades and beverages, as well as to compliment the natural smokiness of chocolate. Ideal for Latin-inspired cuisine, Chipotle Spray Dry first delivers the flavors of slow-smoked red jalapeños with hints of onion, garlic and a subtle sweetness, then follows with a perfectly-balanced complex heat.

The innovative Chipotle Spray Dry format allows you to deliver the authentic taste of TABASCO brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce without shipping or storing unnecessary moisture. Featuring fine flavor particles with a smooth, refined consistency, Chipotle Spray Dry is an easy-to-use powder with superior dispersion. The heat level registers at approximately 2,500–5,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Depending on the application, McIlhenny Company recommends a use level between 0.5% and 20.0% to achieve your desired flavor profile. And like all TABASCO Industrial Ingredients, Chipotle Spray Dry Flavoring is gluten-free, fat free, low sodium and halal certified.

Whether you aim to add excitement to seasoning blends, enhance beverage ideas or spice up sweets, the on-trend flavor of TABASCO brand Chipotle Spray Dry Flavoring appeals to adventurous palates everywhere. As the newest addition to the TABASCO Industrial Ingredients portfolio, Chipotle Spray Dry follows the successful launch of the TABASCO brand Original Red Spray Dry Flavoring in 2015, which features the signature taste of 3-year-aged TABASCO brand Original Red Sauce in the same convenient dry format.