Company: Schwan's Company


Introduced: May 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 (multi-serve)

Product Snapshot: Edwards desserts has launched a brand new flavor, S’mores Crème pie, available in multi-serve and 2-pack slices, to help retailers do dessert right this summer. “We are excited to launch this new flavor, as s’mores is very on-trend and is one of the fastest growing dessert flavors,” says Jessie Joslin, director desserts & Asian snacks at Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc. “This new flavor will help drive consumers down the pie aisle outside of key holiday seasons.

The pie starts with Edwards’ signature freshly baked vanilla cookie crumble crust, with a layer of smooth HERSHEY’S chocolate crème filling and graham-style cookie pieces, and topped with a fluffy, toasted marshmallow flavored meringue and decadent chocolate drizzle. S’mores is emerging as a top dessert flavor and the new S’mores Crème pie delivers the taste that Edwards consumers expect.

Earlier this year, Edwards released new packaging that celebrates the brand’s decadence and playful tone by featuring a new, modernized logo and food photography focused on delivering more appetite appeal. “We wanted to evolve the look of the packaging to differentiate from the competition on shelf and bring life to the category,” said Joslin. “Now, the look and feel is much more on par with the playfulness of the brand and we put a lot more focus on making the pie look as delicious and decadent as it tastes.” In addition to evolving the creative, the team optimized the packaging shape for a more visible billboard at shelf to capture shopper’s attention.

Edwards S’mores Crème pie hit shelves on May 1 and will be fully rolled out in stores in time for summer entertaining. The new packaging began appearing on shelf in early February, and was fully rolled out in stores by Pi Day (March 14). Suggested retail prices for Edwards desserts are $7.99 for multi-serve, $2.99 for 2-pack slices and $1.50 for single-serve trial slices.