Food Safety Net Services (FSNS), a leader in the microbial, chemical testing, and auditing of food and nutraceutical products, announced six executive management promotions and the appointment of Joel Haag as vice president of purchasing and distribution.

Lori Ernst, Jeff Carpenter and Randal Garrett have been promoted to senior vice presidents. “Lori, Jeff and Randal are the leaders of FSNS and we are so fortunate to have each of them directing the future of our company,” said John W Bellinger, CEO. Lori Ernst will continue to manage FSNS Certification and Auditing. Jeff Carpenter will continue to manage Strategic Alliances. Randal Garrett will continue to manage our Operations.

Additional promotions include Tim Santy’s advancement to vice president of operations, Scott Edwardsen will move to vice president of IT, and Gennadiy Liberzon will become vice president of accounting and finance. “These three individuals have a combined 24 years of service with FSNS,” said Bellinger. “Their individual contributions have been instrumental in the growth of the company, and their expertise in the food safety industry is invaluable.”

Joel Haag, an industry veteran with over 20 years purchasing experience will serve as vice president of purchasing and distribution. Joel will enable the company to continue to manage costs and distribution strategies.