Company: Schwan's Company


Introduced: April 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.79

Product Snapshot: Pagoda recently released two new flavors of its classic frozen wontons.

The two new flavors include:
  • Pagoda Honey Sesame Chicken Wontons. This new product features a crispy shell filled with 100 percent white meat chicken, real honey and freshly cut carrots. It is paired with a sweet chili sauce.
  • Pagoda Korean BBQ Style Beef Wontons. This new product features a crispy shell filled with grilled steak, freshly cut carrots and crushed red pepper flakes. It is paired with a new lime ponzu sauce.

“We stand behind our commitment to deliver bold flavors that will stand out to our customers and consumers,” said Jessie Joslin, director of marketing for the Pagoda brand. “There is nothing better than walking down the frozen grocery aisle and finding your favorite brand has launched a new and exciting flavor.

After careful research, Jessie said that the brand team decided on these flavors as it was what consumers were craving. It also extends the brand outside of its traditional offerings and into broader, on-trend Asian cuisines.