Company: DeutscheBack


Ingredient Snapshot: In order to induce health-conscious consumers to buy, DeutscheBack has recently launched TopBake Protein Kick, a premix that gives a 75g roll 15 percent of the recommended dietary reference values for magnesium, calcium and potassium and 30 percent of the value for vitamin D3, as well as a good 17 percent more protein. At IBA, the baking experts will show this premix, which has now been supplemented with minerals and vitamins. With two further products—TopSweet Protein Cookie and TopSweet Protein CupCake—DeutscheBack now offers protein concepts for pastry goods, too. With a protein content of around 20 percent in “Cookie” and 15 percent in “CupCake,” enjoyment can be combined with health. An ideal combination for meeting the “on the go” trend.