Company: Kerry

Ingredient Snapshot: Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, is pleased to announce an extensive expansion to its nutritional plant protein range. This expansion broadens the company’s already impressive range of proteins for food and beverage companies. Today’s consumers, who are more informed than ever, are accelerating the call for tastier plant-based choices in a range of popular items—nutritional bars, yogurts, and waters, juices and smoothies, etc.—and Kerry’s revolutionary ingredients are well-positioned to lead the explosion in new and tasty plant-based alternatives.

The company’s new protein offerings are all plant-based and allergen-free, with organic options, and are suitable for use in a wide variety of creative food and beverage applications. Containing protein from the desirable plant sources of pea, rice and sunflower, they address the mounting need for organic, vegan and traditional choices while at the same time offering great solubility, dispersibility and neutral taste.

“For over 40 years, Kerry has been a trusted supplier of premium proteins that are optimised for nutrition, taste and functionality. We recognise the rapidly growing demand for plant-based protein as more and more consumers adopt a ‘flexitarian’ diet for health and sustainability reasons and are delighted to bring our expanded plant protein range to the market. By combining these new sources of plant protein with our established processing technology, technical expertise and flavour-masking capability, we have opened up many new innovation opportunities for our customers—and innovation remains at the heart of our work. At Kerry, we keep a constant focus on developing new products and, for plant protein in particular, are now working on exciting applications in plant-based yogurt, ice cream  bars and clear beverages, to name but a few,” said John Reilly, VP business development, proteins for Kerry Taste & Nutrition.

“For food and beverage manufacturers seeking to develop protein-fortified products, Kerry has the technology—and now a greatly expanded range of plant proteins—to address any product-development challenges our customers may encounter,” said Mindy Leveille, strategic marketing manager, proteins, Kerry Tate & Nutrition.