Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition Company, has released new clean label research on sweetening agents. The company surveyed over 760 American consumers in the United States.

Kerry measured consumer perceptions of 17 sweetening agents to understand their attitudes, preference, and ideal sweetening agents across six product categories: sports drinks, carbonated soft drinks, ice cream, flavored alcoholic malt beverages, granola bars, and cookies and cakes. In their research, Kerry found that 71 percent of consumers read the sugar content on ingredient labels, and 46 percent of consumers strongly want to reduce their consumption of sugar. The results of the study provide unique insight into consumer preferences of types of sweetening agents, preferred intensity of sweetness, and impact on the taste and nutrition of the product.

The full white paper is available for download HERE.

“Consumer focus on low and reduced sugar products has never been higher. Our research helps us better understand consumer awareness of various sweetening agents and their preferences across various product categories,” commented Soumya Nair, director of Marketing Insights. “Understanding the underlying triggers to sugar reduction and staying ahead of these evolving consumer behaviors helps us better innovate and develop focused and consumer-driven solutions for our customers.”

The study included American consumers across gender, age groups, and ethnicities, uncovering specific categories that were perceived to have high amounts of sugar,  the amount of sugar consumers expect across product categories, and taste preferences for reduced sugar products. The research focuses on how consumer perceptions can inform the manufacturing, retail, and foodservice industries in an effort to understand the future of food and beverages.