Raley’s is reimagining the grocery experience by helping customers make better decisions at the check stand. Raley’s reduced the overall candy offerings at the check stand by 25%, fully eliminated conventional candy and replaced it with an enhanced selection of snack options that consider nutritional value, portion control and sugar content.

Customers often make impulse buys at the check stand, so placing “better for you” products in high-traffic check stand aisles will offer customers alternative options to conventional candy. According to the FDA, most Americans exceed the recommended limits for added sugars, consuming more than 13 percent of total calories (~270 calories)/day from added sugars.

The new check stands are intended to reinforce the notion that snacks and candy (items with sugar) should be viewed as a treat. With each offering, there is a strong emphasis on portion control, including items that are considered nutrient dense under Raley’s Shelf Guide standards. The new selection offers a balance of nutritional offerings and indulgence, ranging from protein-focused snacks and lower-calorie sweets to snacks that are low in preservatives. The updated check stands will expose customers to new products and lesser known brands, many of which are leading the industry in offering cleaner ingredient decks. Many of the products meet Raley’s Shelf Guide standards, including nutrient dense, non-GMO, vegan and more.

“We want to make it easier for our customers to make better choices for their personal health journey,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s president. “We are already seeing customers respond favorably to our improved offering, which supports their ability to act on their own intentions and choose to eat well – whether they’re filling their carts or grabbing a quick bite.”

Some of the check stand offerings include:

  • Bars (KIND, Clif, Tahoe Trail)
  • Smaller packaging candy (Chocolove, Bark Thins, Justin’s)
  • Chips
  • Beef jerky
  • Snack alternatives: seaweed, rice bars, olives
  • Nuts (Blue Diamond)
  • Gum/mints

Raley’s has made incremental changes to their check stands over the years to move their customers towards “better for you” products. In 2016, Raley’s eliminated sugar-sweetened soda and reduced the overall candy offerings, providing alternative beverage options and snacks. In addition, Raley’s stores offer free fruit for kids while they shop.