So goes the tagline on much of the recent marketing surrounding Takis rolled tortilla chips, the flagship line from Barcel USA—the SF&WB 2020 “Snack Producer of the Year.” Retail sales of the products, as tracked by IRI, Chicago, have steadily increased over the past several years, helping make Takis a $400+ million U.S. brand—and that revenue total doesn’t include sales of other product lines, like its Stix and Watz cheese snacks, Barcel POP popcorn, Artisan Style Kettle Cooked potato chips, and more—snack lines that almost invariably feature a Fuego flavor variety. And Fuego is the fiery heart of Barcel USA.

On its website, Barcel USA invites the strong, brave, and daring to try a taste of Fuego:

“Do you have what it takes to handle the intensity of Takis rolled tortilla chips? Are you able to stand a crunchy bite of our full-on flavor? Because these are no ordinary corn chips. Oh, no. Takis chips are only for the strong. The brave. The daring. So open a bag today and see, “Are You Takis Enough?”

The products are squarely aimed at a youthful demographic—from teenagers through young adults—but hold widespread-enough appeal for anyone young at heart. Regardless of demographics, boldness is the play here, extending into marketing via recent interactive OmniVirt 360° VR/AR ad platforms that included a 3D display ad, an interactive 360° game, and a 360° dance battle. IRI tracked the ad program’s impact and noted nicely increased engagement. In 2019, the Web Marketing Association honored the program with a “Best in Show” Internet Advertising Competition award.

A recent marketing program in Canada—a country largely uninitiated to the Takis experience—warned people, “Don’t Eat Takis,” complete with a website replete with over-the-top reverse psychology and a dedicated social campaign.

Takis pulls its users into the experience. It’s boldly unapologetic. It’s a lot of fun. And—most important of all—it’s winning.