Company: RIND Snacks

Introduced: April 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49-$6.99

Product Snapshot: In a time when families are home and looking for an better-for-you snacking alternative for both adults and children, RIND Snacks has just the solution.

When it comes to fruit, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. That’s why Mother Nature added a peel—more vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber are found in the RIND than anywhere else. The power is in the peel!

RIND’s tangy and chewy blends use the whole fruit. RIND keeps the skin on its slices of its sun-dried superfruits to maximize flavor and nutrition and minimize waste.

RIND is looking to create a new category of nutrient dense, ‘skin-on’ snacks at the intersection of functionality and sustainability.

Five craveable flavors in two sizes (3oz. & 1.5oz.) MSRP ranges from $3.49 - $6.99:

  • Tropical Blend
  • Orchard Blend
  • Tangy Kiwi
  • Straw-Peary Blend

Why the power's in the peel:

  • Good for you: RIND’s blends, on average, contain 3x more fiber than peeled fruit snacks. They also hold the greatest concentration of antioxidant-rich vitamins & nutrients.
  • A 3oz. bag of RIND contains as much as 14g of dietary fiber, representing 50% RDA in addition to 20 percent potassium and 70 percent Vitamin C, making RIND one of the most functional fruit snacks on the market.
  • Good for the planet: RIND helps fight food waste. Discarded, edible peels and overripe produce represent 15 percent of the 1.3 trillion tons of annual food waste. RIND represents the future of sustainable snacking.