Company: Amplify Snack Brands


Introduced: February 2020

Distribution: Regional

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49

Product Snapshot: Amplify Snack Brands, the Austin-based company that brought you SkinnyPop Popcorn, Pirate's Booty Puffs, and Paqui Tortilla Chips, has announced the launch of Krakatoa Hot Chips, a new line of spicy kettle-cooked potato chips. Made by spice lovers for spice lovers, Krakatoa Hot Chips are explosively spicy chips made with real peppers sourced from all over the globe. 

Named after Mount Krakatoa, an active volcano infamous for its explosivity, Krakatoa Hot Chips’ spice intensity goes far beyond the generic “mild, medium, and hot” measurements of heat. Instead, each flavor’s level of spiciness is measured in quantifiable Scoville Heat Units (SHU), ranging from 5,840 to 38,700 heat units per chip! 

For true heat fanatics, each flavor’s spice level has been carefully crafted to hit at different moments, vary in duration, and, most importantly, range in epic heat. Each flavor incorporates different chili peppers, from mild jalepeños to the fearsome ghost pepper, which results in distinct heat-intensive experiences across each chip flavor. From a slow burn with a delayed build to a quick yet searing roar of heat, spice lovers can test their bounds as they indulge in the true joy of blazing spice. Krakatoa Hot Chips are available in five different flavors, including: 

  • Sour King - Zesty lime with serrano pepper (5,840 SHUs)
  • Hot Hot Honey Pot - Spicy honey with scorpion chili (6,360 SHUs)
  • Mustard’s Revenge - Hot dijon mustard with cayenne pepper (9,490 SHUs)
  • Kung Pow! - Thai chili with Szechuan pepper (14,500 SHUs)
  • Black Magic - Creole heat with ghost pepper (38,700 SHUs) 

“Look at the ingredients in many spicy snacks and you won’t even see a pepper listed. We set out to change that,” said Jeff Day, creator of Krakatoa Hot Chips. “Every flavor of Krakatoa not only uses a combination of awesome, tongue-tingling peppers, but we also measure the exact heat intensity in Scoville Heat Units of every bite. Nobody else is doing that! We’re proud to celebrate spice lovers and excited to spread the fire.”

Krakatoa Hot Chips are currently available regionally in Texas and surrounding states, including 100+ Kroger locations throughout Houston and Dallas and 200+ Walmart throughout Austin and San Antonio. Can’t wait to turn up the heat? Use the store locator to find a hot spot near you For more information about Krakatoa Hot Chips, please visit