Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR), a global provider of ingredient solutions to the food and beverage manufacturing industry, has announced a new addition to its growing range of plant-based proteins, HOMECRAFT Quinoa 112 flour. The new flour is being introduced in the U.S. and Canada, with other regions to follow.

Categorized as an ancient grain, quinoa seed is gluten-free, low-glycemic, and is recognized for its nutrients, fiber and protein. HOMECRAFT Quinoa 112 flour is milled from a proprietary waxy variety of the golden quinoa seed. Sustainably and reliably sourced from Canada, Ingredion’s HOMECRAFT Quinoa flour offers food manufacturers a sustainable, reliable supply to deliver nutritional benefits. Quinoa flour can be used in a variety of traditional and gluten-free formulations, including baked goods, snacks, pasta, pet food and more.

“The launch of HOMECRAFT Quinoa 112 flour is just one of the many steps our growth platform is taking to accelerate the availability and use of plant-based proteins globally,” said Paul Petersen, Ingredion’s vice president of plant-based proteins and global protein strategy and innovation lead. “Food manufacturers now have another option for developing nutrient-dense products that leverage the protein, fiber and nutrition found in ancient grains.”

Unlike most quinoa ingredients sourced from South America, Ingredion’s HOMECRAFT Quinoa 112 flour is grown, harvested and milled in a completely vertically integrated operation in Canada. This allows Ingredion to offer food manufacturers consistent pricing, reliability and stability of supply.

Quinoa has earned superfood status for its nutrient, fiber and protein content—five times higher in fiber than rice and a protein that provides all nine essential amino acids. With its excellent nutritional profile and superfood appeal, HOMECRAFT Quinoa 112 flour is ideal for gluten-free baking and can replace other grain ingredients, such as rice and corn.

“Ingredion’s new quinoa flour offers food manufacturers an excellent way to differentiate their products with the nutritional benefits of ancient grains,” said Maria Tolchinsky, Ingredion’s business development manager, global plant-based proteins. The launch follows the Company’s May 2020 announcement outlining an exclusive commercial agreement with Northern Quinoa Production to distribute and market NorQuin’s quinoa flours and further positions the Company with an expanded, broad line of plant-based proteins to support global demand and assure a local, steady supply.

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