January 5 is “National Keto Day.” For those following a Keto or low carb diet, pizza no longer has to be off the table. Foster Farms Smart Crust Pizza has recently been Keto certified by The Paleo Foundation, an independent, third party non-profit which sets the standards for ingredients and food that meet the basic tenets of the Keto Diet.

Available in three varieties, Four Cheese, Uncured Pepperoni and Uncured Bacon Club, each Smart Crust pizza cuts carbs down to four grams per serving while providing 25 grams of protein, because the unique crust is crafted from Foster Farms chicken breast, egg whites and cheese instead of flour. Hot and ready from the oven in 15 minutes, Smart Crust pizza retails for $5.99 per 8-8.5-ounce package.

Recent Instacart and Kroger consumer surveys found that Keto and low carb comfort foods are increasingly popular among shoppers, as consumers continue to favor foods that can be prepared at home. The ketogenic diet is a higher fat and protein, low carb diet purposed to burn fat instead of carbohydrates (which often turn to fat). Physicians use the Keto Diet for its benefits in treating epilepsy in children and it has also been applied to Alzheimer and Parkinson’s patients. Sales figures nationally confirm the Keto Diet is most popular in the Western states with California and Texas leading the trend.

“Consumers want  gluten-free, low carb choices,” said Jennifer Corsiglia-Keim, marketing director at Foster Farms. “With Smart Crust, you get everything you love about pizza but without the carbs. What better to way to celebrate National Keto Day than with pizza joy, not pizza guilt?”

Smart Crust is available in the personal size frozen pizza section of select supermarkets and Kroger stores nationwide in markets including:

  • Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Ore.
  • Salt Lake City, Denver, Tucson, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Wichita, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville
  • Raleigh-Durham, Richmond and Atlanta

Consumers looking for the nearest store carrying Smart Crust can visit the Foster Farms store locator at www.fosterfarms.com/where-to-buy. To learn more about Smart Crust, visit www.fosterfarms.com/pizza.

The Vitamin Shoppe established National Keto Day on January 5th to educate and bring awareness to the health benefits offered by the Keto lifestyle.